We advise and assist the top management during change processes and we will ask the right questions.


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Our firm provides independent expertise in advising companies during or at the brink of a change management process. Change management processes in companies are frequently distressing for employees. Very often they have no idea what to expect and therefore are very apprehensive. Resistance to necessary changes among employees can create great problems during implementation. Staff productivity decreases, fluctuation and absenteeism increase, there is a hotbed of rumours.
At organizational level, at team level, at individual level - who and what should top management take into account?
Before, during and after the change - which action should be taken when?
Focusing on the success of leadership, strategy, communication and HR development – which internal levers promote a successful implementation of the change?

Your benefit

We develop a custom-made, intelligent solution for you to navigate your business safely through the period of change.
With our support:
You implement the changes efficiently and effectively in your business - from beginning to end.
You save considerable cost (and hassle) which can result from inappropriate measures.
You have more free resources available for your day-to-day business
You reduce the risk of losing your top performers to competitors.

Areas of consulting
  • Restructuring;
  • Mergers / post-Merger integration;
  • Sales offensive;
  • Quality offensive / Quality Management;
  • Downsizing;
  • Outsourcing / company split;
  • Strategy Development;
  • Staff loyalty;
  • Initiatives to reduce absenteeism;
  • Introduction of IT Service Management;
  • Implementation of MBO systems;
  • Cultural realignment;
  • Change in management;
  • Crisis management
Change management training
Our services

Our training focuses on change management and communication in periods of change

  • We design strategic information and acceptance processes within integrated communication campaigns
  • We introduce methods and conceptual skills for successful communication in small groups and Teams

Approach Training addresses four levels: Organization, Team/Group, Individual, Market /Client. Each level is covered in a 3-day module of our training series.

Management Dr. Eva Strasser, CEO of Strasser & Strasser Consulting AG.

Your benefit

Practical Perspective

  • You continue to develop your own current cases and projects in the modules.
  • We introduce proven tools, methods and concepts from our consulting practice.
  • We present best practice from some of our customer projects.
  • We offer coaching between modules.

Multiple Perspectives

  • We combine business and management studies as well as communication sciences and psychology with systemic approaches and methods.
The first 100 days
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For a powerful start: "The first 100 days as manager" You learn about improved personal leadership or how to mobilize your management team. You give impulses for successful leadership - especially in times when stress and pressure on managers is increasing greatly. In our workshop, you reflect on how you can draw strength and energy for the challenges ahead. Insights from brain research and experience in the field of competitive sports provide participants with stimuli for their own daily leadership. Practical ideas will assist in dealing responsibly with your own resources and health and that of your employees. Participants secure a transfer of knowledge by developing strategies to integrate the new insights into their management.

Our services

Customized to your individual needs - a general presentation on change management or a specific lecture on Management By Objectives for managers. We present the topic in a concise and compact manner and provide the audience with practical and comprehensible examples.

Are you looking for eloquent, engaging and enjoyable speakers?

The members of our team are the ideal choice! Extensive experience from numerous change projects enables them to find the golden thread running through complex change management issues.

New Lecture topic:
Jochen Haase is an avid mountain climber and guide and a partner of Strasser & Strasser. He has dedicated himself to the theme "Business meets Mountain". He has accompanied us and our customers as an outdoor trainer for many years. For example, he heads the mountain expedition tour for (senior/management) teams. He has now condensed his experience into a lecture.
Look forward to new ideas for your managers. Many analogies arise between the mountain world and the business world. You'll be surprised what executives can learn from mountain guides!

Brilliant leadership
Our services

As a decision maker you have high expectations of your team: your managers need to convince the employees to go along with the change process, they are to set an example and at the same time be able to make bold decisions.
This balance of self-guidance and leading others does not always work. Change processes threaten to fail at the determining factor: the people. The good news is: Man is able to change and learn. "Brilliant leadership" supports the middle management of your business. The program, designed to teach necessary, enduring skills for change management, encompasses

  • in-house seminar, during which the actual learning takes place in the context of the real work and management environment
  • ... the 8 Levers of Change ® - our best structural model for successful leadership in change management.
  • ... enough time and space for sustainable development because executives are accompanied for a total of eight days over a period of eight to ten months.
  • ... monitored project work between trainings, ensuring the transfer of new ideas into the work routine.
Your benefit

Promoting solution-and resource-oriented management by ...

  • building up mental strength and assurance
  • developing self-guidance skills
  • recognizing and using one’s own potential
Leadership happens in the mind
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Mental Strength

Learn how to better lead or mobilize your management team. Give new impetus for successful leadership - especially in times when stress and pressure on managers is increasing greatly.

In our workshop, you have the opportunity to reflect on how you can gain strength and energy for the challenges ahead. Insights from brain research and experience in the field of competitive sports provide participants with ideas for their own daily leadership. Practical ideas will assist in dealing responsibly with your own resources and health and that of your employees.

Participants secure a transfer of knowledge by developing strategies to integrate the new insights into their management.

Diagnoses of potential
Our services

Would you like to draw on the full potential of your present and future employees? We offer a customized diagnostic method that quickly generates effective results. The diagnostic procedure will be tailored to the specific needs of your business. To this purpose, we use a model developed by us – our “competence model”. Together with you we will prepare the procedure and conduct the necessary talks with the staff. Afterwards we provide our evaluations. Quickly and accurately.

Your benefit
  • You avoid mistakes when filling a position and reduce costs.
  • You will be supplied with a basis for setting priorities in human resource development.
  • You will receive an overview of the requirements, the necessary competence and potential in your business.
  • Your employees have the opportunity to assess constructively their strengths and weaknesses and are given guidance.
  • You will be given comprehensive and proven implementation know-how as well as an unbiased quick and professional assessment.
8 levers of change
Our services

Changes in a business are often a red rag for employees. Employees, reluctant to accept the necessary changes can create problems during implementation. Staff productivity decreases, employee turnover rate and absenteeism increase, there is a hotbed of rumours.

The 8 Levers of change: our proven method for the design of successful change processes:

  • Lever 1 - Clear objectives and expectations:
    Employees know the objectives for change both for the company and also with respect to their personal working environment.
  • Lever 2 - strong and credible leadership communication:
    Employees understand all information on the project as a personal, credible statement from the top management.
  • Lever 3 - Genuine participation:
    Employees know and use the opportunities to actively participate in the change process.
  • Lever 4 - Role models:
    Employees are informed of successes in implementation and best practice and strive to achieve a similar performance.
  • Lever 5 - Adjustment of structures, processes and knowledge:
    Employees know about structural and process changes and they learn to deal with the new requirements.
  • Lever 6 - Reward of success:
    Employees are aware of how personal benefits will arise from the successful implementation of change.
  • Lever 7 - Result of failure:
    Employees are aware of how they themselves could be harmed as a result from the failure to achieve important goals and expectations of change.
  • Lever 8 - Stringent project management:
    Employees know the milestones of the project plan and monitor the implementation process.
Your benefit

Based on the 8 levers of change leadership, decision making and communication processes are created together with you.

Our services

Recognize and mobilize your own resources to deal with changes. Enhance your resilience and learn how to deal even better with profound changes.

In our 2-day training we aim to strengthen your individual capacity for change and get you ready for the challenges of transition.

The combination of psychological and neurobiological insights will help participants to shed entrenched perspectives and develop energy, courage and endurance for the upcoming changes. Your personal insights go deepest if you are currently in a stressful situation and use this as a case study during training. However, even without a "crisis" you learn on a preventive basis how to deal with stressful changes.

In an adaptation specially designed for managers, training is supplemented by important aspects of leadership: Besides your own concern and increasing your resilience, the focus is on the dilemma "Affected vs. Leadership ".

How can I as an affected party simultaneously meet my responsibilities as a motivational and loyal executive?
How can I support and stabilize my employees in a stressful change situation?
How do I reinforce their resilience?
How do I head a fit2change® team meeting or a fit2change® management discussion?

Passionate leadership
Our services

How can you make yourself fit for the future, in particular as a woman in a leading position?

The focus of our approach is what drives successful women in leadership positions and what motivates them thus leading to their peak performance. These success factors were repeatedly identified in a global survey conducted by McKinsey of successful women, regardless of industry or executive level:

    What do I really want to achieve in my life?
    What goals, thoughts and actions give me strength to achieve these goals?
    How can I motivate myself through success and failure alike?
    Who can assist me in achieving my goals?
    How can I gain respect and attention for my plans and visions?

"Passionate leadership" is not a classic leadership seminar. The focus is not on teaching of management tools as in basic leadership training, but the development of managerial personality. It is therefore desirable that you have had leadership experience.

Our services

Whether employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys or “change barometer” - we develop and conduct online surveys on a confidential and professional basis.

Based on the results, we evaluate the success of change projects, events or the status quo of your business development. We analyze the results for you:

  • We prepare a detailed report that includes the most important areas and recommendations.
  • We carry out the feedback workshop and present the results - at management and employee level.
  • We support you in the implementation of the recommendations in the context of HR and business development.
Your benefit

Regular evaluation of mood, knowledge and involvement level of staff will keep you in close touch with your employees.

This allows you to identify potential "blind spots" and take appropriate counter measures in good time.

Your employees are able to participate in the change process through the surveys, thereby identifying themselves more with their employer.

Outdoor team development
Our services

Classic outdoor training
Your team has undergone a lot of changes or has just been formed and you want to establish a sense of belonging and a common ground to build up trust?
In our outdoor training, participants experience through outdoor exercises what mutual support and acceptance in this group feels like. They get to know each other and their individual strengths and skills.
Our outdoor trainer ensures a transfer of acquired knowledge to the everyday work situation.
Years of experience have provided Mr. Jochen Haase with a huge methodological toolbox and he looks forward to leading your team development. We can offer all the classic outdoor team developments (high ropes course, orientation tours ...). Feel free to contact us!

Mountain Expedition
Leave the comfort zone, get to know your own limits and develop your (management) team further in terms of energy, courage and endurance.
You already know the classic outdoor seminars in the high rope course? Done everything already?
How about a team development, that is truly demanding and leaves a lasting impression?
Our 3-day mountain expedition is primarily aimed at teams wishing to enhance their leadership skills and to progress further both personally and as a team.
In a preparatory 1/2-day workshop the team plans the expedition and agrees on the route. Also on that first day you acquire all the skills necessary for the planned ascent to the summit, so that you can start the tour well prepared. Highlight of the expedition is conquering a summit of over 3000 m height. The stages of mountaineering alternate with intense reflection and transfer phases. The expedition is accompanied by an experienced mountain guide.

Managing people in mental crises
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How to recognize a crisis? What to do? "Psychological" crises (see Stephen Covey), fears and insecurities can eventually lead to an emotional crisis. This phenomenon is not to be underestimated as the growth rate of mental illness in recent years indicates: Mental disorders increased by 59% between 2001 and 2005, on a global scale and depressive moods will be ranked second behind heart diseases by the year 2020. Depression, anxiety syndrome and burnout are becoming more frequent and lead to a massive increase in sick days for affected employees.
What preventive measures can companies take? Companies should begin early on to increase awareness of the issue in their managers. If one employee is on sick leave for psychological reasons, the recovery process usually takes longer than if he or she had broken their leg. The employee must also be supported in a very different way. This seminar provides managers and HR-managers with practical ideas for assisting employees in a personal crisis.
Typical questions:

  • When and how should I address someone on their changed behavior?
  • To what extent should expectations be lowered for the affected employee?
  • For how long should the company extend this protective treatment towards the employee?
  • Can something be expected in return?
  • When and how should the team be informed?

We focus on the ”HILFE” (AID) concept, outlining a framework for support services. You are invited to discuss your responsibilities and specific tasks in your capacity as a human resources manager or as an executive in this situation. We offer you detailed guidelines on how to act.

Editorial work
Our services

We offer everything you need on the subject of change communication:
Research and preparation of relevant issues in the context of communicating change.
Optimizing already existing internal communications media.
Creating an appropriate layout for the contents and searching for suitable communication platforms, such as

  • Brochures
  • Employee magazine
  • Newsletter
  • Intranet forums
Your benefit

Targeted print and online communication supports a clear and credible communication and leadership. With our help you make sure that important information is addressed at the right time to the right recipients.

Our services

We design and facilitate interactive events on communicating change, e.g.

  • employee and staff meetings
  • Annual conferences
  • Executive and team dialogues

We offer reliable event management for large group events.

Your benefit

You address the participants at your event on a cognitive and emotional level: we combine information and exchange of ideas with motivating and stimulating elements.
With our concepts, we ensure that employees identify with their employer and start or continue networking with each other. This reinforces their commitment to the company.

Individual top management coaching
Our services

As managing director, chairman or top executive, you have great responsibility, especially during change processes. We make sure you deal with the important questions and topics and relieve yourself of cumbersome mental blocks.

Your benefit

Our consultants are experienced interlocutors with whom you can candidly discuss professional and personal change processes. Your coach will help you to identify your skills and strengths and invite you to utilize them consciously and purposefully as resources.

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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®is the tool of choice for the sovereign handling of complexity. 


Our strength is to quickly grasp complex situations and to manage them agile and pragmatically.


The LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® is the choice tool to support this. As a trained facilitator of the LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® method and materials, we are happy to assist you in activating all of your team's existing resources and to involve your team. This creates a common understanding of the situation and the target image, which radiates a fascinating conversion energy to all other actions and fields of action.

Your benefit
  • Making and managing complexity visible
  • Leveraging team resources
  • Employee participation
Areas of consulting
  • Change of leadership in the company
  • Strategy development
  • Monitoring of site relocations
  • Cultural reorientations, e.g. through OpenSpace workstations
  • Intercultural cooperation, e.g. in the introduction of company-wide planning processes in an international contex
Change management training
The first 100 days
Brilliant leadership
Leadership happens in the mind
Diagnoses of potential
8 levers of change
Passionate leadership
Outdoor team development
Managing people in mental crises
Editorial work
Individual top management coaching